Toronto, ON, Canada

Protecting What Matters - How To Keep Your Customers And Data Secure In 2022

For the third year in a row, ransomware was the top attack type globally in 2021 as reported by the IBM Threat Intelligence Index 2022. Even with some successes by law enforcement, ransomware continues to net millions of dollars for cybercriminals and continues to threaten whole industries. This has been particularly true in Canada with the recent attacks on several high-profile organizations. As Canadian leaders adapt to this changing landscape, they must focus on pragmatic, data-driven decisions in order to enhance their security posture.

Please join Andrei Kananovich, Associate Partner, Industry Lead and Aphra Corcoran, Services Sales Lead for IBM Security as they share:

- The top threats and attack vectors as reported by IBM Threat Intelligence Index 2022

- How leaders should invest to get the best return on their security investment

- The latest hot topic in data protection - Homomorphic encryption

Join us for a discussion on how these tactics and strategies can be undertaken and where best to start. 



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